Lobster Ravioli

Why you'll love it

It's full of all the goods: savory sausage, flavorful veggies, tortellini, and a rich broth.

What you need:

pasta dough whole milk ricotta grated parmesan cheese mozzarella cheese cooked lobster meat egg yolk dried basil & thyme paprika kosher salt sauce


Prepare pasta dough according to recipe. Once it is rolled thin enough to see your fingers through, trim it into two equal-sized rectangles.


Cut Ravioli

In a small bowl mix all of the ingredients for the filling. Add to rolled dough, leaving room to cut ravioli. Add dough to top of filling & cut into ravioli.


Dry Ravioli

Once all of the ravioli have been cut, set aside to dry for 30 minutes. When ready to serve, bring a pot of salted water to a boil.



Cook the ravioli until they float and then drain. Prepare sauce & then gently fold in the cooked ravioli & serve immediately.


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