What is paneer?

Paneer is a mild Indian cheese that is vegetarian, high-protein, and easy to flavor.

tools you need:

Cheese cloth Digital thermometer Colander Mixing bowl Stainless steel pot Large whisk Slotted spoon 2-lb. cheese mold

Paneer is a direct-acid cheese, meaning it is made with whole milk and an acid such as vinegar.

Heat Milk + Acid

Heat whole milk in a large steel pot to 195ºF. Then, add vinegar and stir together for about 1 minutes until the curd forms.


Reduce Heat

Place the pot in your sink and pour in cold water in from your faucet. Make sure you are monitoring the temperature. Stop the water once it reaches 115ºF.


Strain Curd

Use a slotted spoon to transfer the curd into a moistened  cheese cloth-lined colander. Let the curd drain for 1 minute.


Twist Cloth

After once minute, twist the cheese to further release moisture from the curd.



Hang the cheese cloth using a large wooden spoon inside of your pot for 1 hour. This will really drain the whey from the curd.


Cheese Mold

Transfer the paneer into a cheese cloth-lined cheese mold. Then, place a few heavy cookbooks on top and let sit for 2 hours.


Serving Suggestions

Fried paneer is so delicious. Dice the paneer into cubes and fry in ghee until golden brown.

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