Goat Cheese Crepes

Why you'll love it

These goat cheese crepes are easy to make, and have a creamy goat cheese filling.

What you need:

all-purpose flour granulated sugar salt eggs & egg white whole milk unsalted butter red bell pepper white mushrooms yellow onion asparagus goat cheese


Add dry ingredients to a bowl and mix. Then, add remaining ingredients for the crepes. Combine until well blended. Set aside.


Cook Veggies

In a heated pan, add the red peppers, mushrooms, onions, and asparagus. Cook for 8-10 minutes. Add seasonings cook for 1 minute. Set aside.


Cook Crepes

Heat a nonstick pan. Add crepe batter. Pick pan up. Slowly swirl so that the batter spreads evenly. Cook for 1 minute, flip, and cook for another 20-30 seconds.



To assemble crepes, add cooked vegetable mixture into each crepe and crumble ½ tablespoon of goat cheese crumbles. Fold the crepe to close.


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