Blood Mary Skewers

Why you'll love it

We’re sharing 4 delicious bloody mary skewer flavor combos you’ll absolutely love.

What you need:

brie cheese blackberries cheddar cheese dill pickle spears white cheese curds beef sticks green olives blue cheese

Brie + Blackberries

Brie & blackberry skewers are such a delicious flavor combo. They’re a great way to sweeten up a traditionally spicy and savory bloody mary.


Cheddar + Pickle

We love the option of having small cubes of cheddar cheese + chunks of pickles on a skewer to get all that flavor combined into one bite!


Curds + Beef Sticks

Hello, Wisconsin! We like to combine white cheese curds with chunks of beef sticks. DELISH.


Blue Cheese Olives

We're pleased to report that blue cheese stuffed olives are super delicious in a bloody mary!


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